Molino Gaetano Roccasalva is a flour mill specialised in the production of high-quality durum wheat semolina flours: Re-milled Semolina, Semolina for Pasta Products, Traditional Re-milled Semolina and Organic Semolina made from BIOAGRICERT-certified organic durum wheat.

The business was started by Carmelo Roccasalva in 1940 at Modica Alta with a small milling plant that produced 15 metric tons of semolina per day. His son, Gaetano, followed, with the purchase of a milling plant in Comiso in 1967, which reached an output of 57 metric tons of semolina daily. In 1990, the plant was moved to its current location in Modica, producing an average of 70 tons daily.

Gaetano Roccasalva’s son, Roberto, now runs the company which, thanks also to a second milling plant installed in 2009, has expanded its daily output of flour to 470 metric tons, with an increasingly higher propensity for production, best combining the milling tradition and love for its land.

High quality standards, expert human resources and modern technologies have allowed Molino Gaetano Roccasalva to grow and offer customers increasingly safer and reliable products.

We, in fact, are equipped with some of the best technologies the market has to offer, including huskers and optical sorting equipment supported by an in-house state-of-the-art laboratory. This enables us to deliver products with consistent performance and which are always available, thanks to the extensive warehouse that ensures perfect handling of logistics processes.

Our specific product lines are made for companies operating in the bread-making, pasta-making and organic sectors, the latter of which is essential to support farming practices that are becoming more and more attentive to people’s health. Our products are IFS- and BIOAGRICERT-certified and follow a 5-step production cycle: storage, cleaning, milling, sifting and distribution.

At the end of each stage, the raw material is subjected to stringent checks. Only after having passed all inspections is our flour ready to be packaged in 1.5 kg (33 lbs) and 25 kg (55 lbs) bags or in bulk flour tanks for distribution Italy-wide and abroad under controlled and guaranteed hygienic conditions.

Accurate milling of high-quality grains together with our extensive experience in developing the right blends have produced a rich range of products to choose from that can satisfy any palate and transfer the organoleptic characteristics and flavour of Sicilian grains, which are unlike any other.