Our new organic line is aligned with our value of supporting farming practices that are more and more attentive to people’s health and respectful of the natural cycles of our land.

Another demonstration of the love for our land and products is our decision to make our milling plant “green” through the use of photovoltaic energy.

This double quality choice represents even greater care for the environment and the conservation of the planet’s ecosystem and the crowning of our efforts towards social ethics and sustainable development.

We are aware, in fact, that many grain varieties can be cultivated with organic systems, especially ancient Sicilian durum wheat varieties that, thanks to their rustic quality, can use available resources (water, light, nutrients) to best advantage, making the use of synthetic products unnecessary and not cost effective.

This is why we have pursued and achieved the BIOAGRICERT mark to certify our quality and production of semolina flours from organically-grown grains.

Molino Gaetano Roccasalva guarantees customers the highest level of food safety, conveying the nurtured passion for its work, with a sustainable production model that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources – especially soil, water and air – for the benefit of our own and future generations.

From this perspective, by using Sicily-grown organic durum wheat in our production, we create a more wholesome product that is free of any contaminants, including DON, cadmium and glyphosate which, though in amounts within the limits imposed by law, are often found in the industrial products that end up on our tables on a large scale.

Molino Gaetano Roccasalva is a flour mill specialised in the production of high-quality durum wheat semolina flours: Re-milled Semolina, Pasta Semolina, Traditional Re-milled Semolina and Organic Semolina made from BIOAGRICERT-certified organic durum wheat.