Molino Gaetano Roccasalva

Molino Gaetano Roccasalva has been trading since 1965 when it introduced its first milling plants in Comiso, in the south east of Sicily. In the 90’s it relocated to Modica.

Today the company carries out one of the most important national industrial activities in the form of durum wheat milling.

In 2009, the Molino Gaetano Roccasalva has completely renewed its milling plants, using the most modern technologies in the milling sector. This was made possible thanks to the constant growth of the company and the loyalty of its consumers.

The Molino Gaetano Roccasalva produces re-milled durum wheat bran, semolina to make fresh pasta, organic re-milled durum wheat bran and semolina produced with organic durum wheat certified by BIOAGRICERT. It also produces traditional re- milled semolina for artisan bakery products. It is possible to buy its products in packages of 1, 5 and 25 kg depending on varying consumer needs, from professionals seeking a wide selection of choice to domestic consumers seeking something different.

The reputation of the company and its variety of semolina, along with its impressive storage facilities make the company valued amongst consumers. The professionalism of the organisation's experts and qualified team mean that Molino Gaetano Roccasalva Mill maintains an avant- guarde role in the durum wheat sector.

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